Help Bucks CC with education and skills plans

Published: 06 October 2017

Help Bucks CC get education and skills plans right for children and young people in Bucks

Buckinghamshire has some of the best performing schools in the Country, with many of our children and young people consistently performing better than other areas. But, for some of our most vulnerable children, success is not always guaranteed and that is why we are developing an Education and Skills Strategy to ensure all children and young people are supported to do their very best.

Did you know

Children under 18 make up 22.9% of our population! There are around 122,200 children and young people under 18 in Buckinghamshire.

We have 234 schools in the county and 84,000 children and young people attend these schools

There are 184 schools that are maintained (supported by the local authority), 47 academies, 2 free schools and 1 University Technical College.

89% of children and young people in a Bucks school attend good or outstanding schools.

We need your views

Children and young people of today are our leaders of tomorrow. They are our future so it’s important to us that we give them the best start in life through their education and skills. It is our role to be the champion for your children and their learning as they grow. From the early years with childminders, pre-schools and nurseries, right through to schools and colleges and ensuring they are then ready to embrace their future.

We are asking for your views on education and skills for children and young people across Buckinghamshire. We want to know what is important to you and your children, what you think works well at the moment and what we can do better in the future to ensure that children here have the best start in life and a good education.

Your views will help us plan how we work with schools, colleges and all those who support our children in their education and skills development to reach their potential and have good opportunities for the future. 

Please take a few minutes to give us your views on how we plan to do this for children in Buckinghamshire. 

Closing date

The online consultation closes on 24 October 2017