Second UK Maternal Mental Health Matters Week: 30 April to 6 May 2018

Published: 12 April 2018

More than one in ten women develop a mental illness during pregnancy or within the first year of having a baby and if left untreated, this can have a significant emotional impact on the women suffering and their families. It is vital for women, their family and friends and health and other professionals to know where support is available.

Last year was the first UK Maternal Mental Health Matters Week, led by one of our members, Perinatal Mental Health Partnership UK. This year the week will be taking place again with an opportunity to communicate the message that maternal mental health matters. During the week, World Maternal Mental Health Day will also take place on Wednesday 2 May.

Buckinghamshire Support

In Buckinghamshire support is available from:

  • Your GP, Midwife or Health Visitor. You can use our NHS widget to search your local area (go to the bottom of the page)

How you can get involved

  • Email  to join the mailing list and be kept up to date

  • Come up with your own ideas to highlight that #maternalMHmatters

  • Use the hashtag #maternalMHmatters on social media; You can follow @PMPHUK on twitter 

  • Join in with and support activities being organised