BucksConnected: A Wellbeing project for Young People

Published: 05 February 2019

What is Bucksconnected

Bucksconnected is a Youth Service project which helps 11 to 19 year olds(up to 25 years with a disability) develop emotional resilience, social and independence skills. The small group work project explores issues such as emotional intelligence and resilience, identity, relationships, risky behaviours, skills for independence and dealing with setbacks and allows young people to learn from their peers, gain support from a positive peer group, and learn the skills needed to transition into adulthood successfully.

Where do they meet

Bucksconnected runs on a weekly basis in:


“It boosted my confidence and made me feel like I am something, rather just listening to what others said to me about being useless” (Young Person)

“A massive increase in confidence, higher self-esteem and is now able to make friends and cope with social situations.” (Parent)

If you work with an 11 to 19 year old who you may think would benefit from attending Bucksconnected, please contact the Youth Service on 01296 383236.  Young people are accepted onto the project via a referral basis.