Children's Short Breaks Strategy for 2018 to 2022

Published: 08 February 2019

The new Children's Short Breaks strategy for 2018 to 2022 is now available. This document tells you how the council want short breaks to help disabled children and young people. It also tells you how short breaks can support parents, carers and families. 

View the Children's Short Breaks Strategy for 2018 to 2022 


Why this strategy is needed.

There are four main reasons why we need a Short Breaks Strategy.

  1. We did not have a strategy to set out our shared vision for short breaks

  2. Our current short breaks offer does not have enough flexibility and choice. We want people to have a choice of short-breaks. These should be close to where they live. They should help parents and children build networks that connect them to their community. This will help us achieve good outcomes for children and families.

  3. We cannot afford to keep things the same. It is difficult to manage the demand for residential short breaks. This is not going to get easier with the financial constraints that local authorities and CCGs are facing. We expect more people to want these services in the coming years and we must meet current and future need. We want to provide services that are value for money. The money we have for short breaks must be spent where there is the greatest need.

  4. We want to make sure that people who use short breaks are treated fairly and consistently.

 We will be re-commissioning our short breaks services for October 2019, as current short breaks contracts come to an end and will use the strategy to underpin our new contracts and short breaks services.


What are Short Breaks?

Short Breaks help people with low, medium, high, or complex needs. It does this by linking with services that are available to everyone (these are known as universal services), special schools and specialist short breaks support.

Short breaks are provided to give:

  • Time away from the family for the child or young person with a disability, giving them the opportunity for independence, to have fun with their peers, make new friends and have new experiences.

  • Parents and families a necessary and valuable break from caring responsibilities.

  • Some short breaks provide families with opportunities to take part in activities/trips together.

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