The New Family Support Service has launched

Published: 02 September 2019

A new Family Support Service offering wide-ranging advice, help and information to Buckinghamshire families has been launched today by the County Council. 

The new Buckinghamshire Family Support Service will offer support, services and activities for local families from a network of 16 new family centres, spread across the county over three locality areas. Importantly, the service will also provide more targeted, specially tailored help for families with more complex challenges. Where needed, a lead family worker will create a team of professionals around families experiencing problems such drug and alcohol misuse, money problems, mental health issues, domestic violence, or who may have children with poor school attendance or emerging additional needs. 

The Family Support Service aims to help these families to overcome their problems before they get worse and reach crisis point – so that in the longer term they become more self-sufficient and lead happier, healthier lives. Families will be helped directly in their homes or other places where they are comfortable such as libraries or community spaces as well as being able to go to specific sessions at the family centres. 

The 16 family centres will also offer a programme of activities for all Buckinghamshire families with children up to the age of 19 or 25 for children with special educational needs or a disability (SEND). 

Family centres are spread across the whole of Buckinghamshire, with three being ‘Family Centre Plus’ sites; Southcourt Family Centre Plus (Aylesbury), Mapledean Family Centre Plus (Wycombe) and Newtown Family Centre Plus (Chesham). These centres will offer drop-in advice and support five days a week.


Timetables of activities on the family centre web pages: 

Amersham Family Centre
Beaconsfield Family Centre
Berryfields Family Centre
Buckingham Family Centre
Burnham Family Centre
Castlefield Family Centre
Elmhurst Family Centre
Hampden Way Family Centre
Hithercroft Family Centre
Mapledean Family Centre Plus
Marlow Family Centre
Newtown Family Centre Plus
Princes Risborough Family Centre 
Southcourt Family Centre Plus 
The Ivers Family Centre
Wing Family Centre 


The Buckinghamshire Family Information Service (BFIS)

The Buckinghamshire Family Information Service has comprehensive information on all aspects of family life, from activities to childcare to SEND services and much more and is a valuable resource for all Buckinghamshire families. 

Families with younger children (0 to 5) will be able to go to open sessions at their local family centre, as well as being able to access the health services and drop-in clinics they already use. 

> Search Activities and Services at Family Centres


Warren Whyte is Buckinghamshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Children’s Services. He said: “I’m delighted to see the new Family Support Service start from today. 

"The new Family Support Service integrates the general support we provide to local families with a more targeted approach for those who need a higher level of help from us. 

"It’s been essential for us to make these changes as previously we weren’t able to get help to families quickly and effectively enough when problems emerge – this has contributed to an increase in the numbers of children needing social care input. 

"Parents of young children will still be able to go to classes, see health visitors and access their usual services at their closest family centre, which will offer flexible opening hours and develop a wider range of activities than many of the children’s centres did previously. There will be open sessions at our family centres for any family with children of any age who would like a little extra guidance or support. 

"This new service is a key element of how we intend to reduce school exclusions and reduce the numbers of children needing social care involvement.”


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