Gain New Skills and Train with The Prince’s Trust

Published: 05 April 2018

If you’re unemployed and between 16 and 25, you could meet new people, gain new skills and train with The Prince’s Trust. Introducing TEAM, a 12 week programme where you’ll learn how to work closely with others and come out ready to give your life a kick-start with new skills and qualifications.

It won’t cost you anything and you won’t lose your benefits

Fact: more than three in four young people we supported last year moved into work, education or training.

The Team experience

Each Prince’s Trust Team is run by a Team Leader who’ll support you over the 12 weeks and act as a guide – but as a Team you’ll choose what you do. The Team is usually made up of between 12 to 15 people with different skills and backgrounds. It usually includes employed and unemployed people and will give you the chance to mix with new people and make new friends.

What you’ll be doing

Day 1: Meet new people

Don’t worry about turning up and being on your own – everyone will be in the same situation. It will be informal and there’ll be plenty of activities so by the end of the day you’ll get to know everyone and feel part of things.

Week 1: Take action

Over this week, you’ll make your action plan – setting out what you want to achieve and what you want to do. You’ll be told about the qualifications you can achieve and the certificates you’ll receive when you complete Team. In week one, you’ll also plan for a week away.

Week 2: New experiences

In your second week, you’ll spend a week away, trying new things and challenging yourself. It will give you

a chance to break free from your current situation. The sort of things you’ll do could include canoeing or building a raft and you’ll learn how to work with others.

Weeks 3 to 6: Something to talk about

As a Team, you’ll need to decide on a project that will benefit your local community and then complete the chosen project over the next few weeks. This will give you something to talk about in interviews as you can explain how you planned the project and raised the money, as well as showing that you’re a real team player.

Weeks 7 to 8: Working it out

You’ll spend these two weeks on a work placement. You’ll see how the skills you’ve developed over the last six weeks are relevant to the workplace and be able to test out a type of work or company to see whether you like it. It will also be something you can put on your CV.

Week 9: Plan for the future

Having done your work placement, you can now work out what your next steps are and plan your options for the future. You can also work on your CV and interview technique. Don’t worry if you don’t have a CV (a brief account of your skills and experience which you send to possible employers) or don’t have a lot on it – Team will give you loads to include and over this week we’ll help you write a fantastic one.

Weeks 10 to 11: Meet the challenge

In these two weeks, you’ll need to work as a Team on a challenging activity to help others. This will put you and the Team to the test. It will need to be completed by the end of week 11 giving you a chance to practice all the skills you have been working on.

Week 12: Have your say

In your final week, you’ll deliver a presentation to your friends and family as well as potential employers, and Prince’s Trust staff. This will be your chance to show off the skills you’ve gained over the last 12 weeks and explain what you’ve been up to and what you plan to do after the course. This may sound scary now, but after 12 weeks on Team you’ll be surprised at how far you’ve come.

How to sign up


or call free on 0800 842 842