Need help with breastfeeding? The Breastfeeding Friend from Start4Life is ready to help

Published: 02 March 2018

Public Health England (PHE) has launched a ‘Breastfeeding Friend’ app for the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. The new service is in addition to the interactive Start4life Breastfeeding Friend chatbot, accessed through Facebook Messenger, which launched last year, and the Start4Life website.

Mums can use the new service to ask a variety of questions such as "how will I know if I have milk?", "how do I breastfeed?", and "why is my baby crying?" You can also ask for information on a certain topic such as "how to help your baby latch on" and "dealing with nipple pain/scabs/blisters".

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Breastfeeding Facts

Almost three-quarters of women start breastfeeding when their child is born, however by 6 to 8 weeks this drops to just 44%. This makes breastfeeding rates in England among the lowest in the world. A new survey of 1,000 mothers of young children commissioned by Public Health England (PHE) revealed that in hindsight, mothers wished they had been better prepared for breastfeeding. 

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