Bucks 7 Minute Workout #Bucks7MW

The Bucks 7 Minute Workout is a series of short equipment-free exercise videos that you can access for free, at anytime, anywhere. The workouts focus on cardio and strength training to burn calories whilst having fun. Select your week to get started.

There are six different workout categories each with five intensity levels that increase week by week.

Week 1 Warm Up 

Week 1 Core

Week 1 Legs Workout

Week 1 Interval Training 

Week 1 Stamina Workout

Week 1 Upper Body Workout

Week 1 Flexibility Training

Week 1 Cool Down

Week 2 Warm Up

Week 2 Core

Week 2 Legs

Week 2 Interval Training

Week 2 Stamina

Week 2 Upper Body 

Week 2 Flexibility

Week 2 Cool Down

Week 3 Warm up

Week 3 Core

Week 3 Legs

Week 3 Interval Training 

Week 3 Stamina 

Week 3 Upper body 

Week 3 Flexibility 

Week 3 Cool Down


Week 4 Warm up

Week 4 Core

Week 4 Legs

Week 4 Interval Training 

Week 4 Stamina 

Week 4 Upper body 

Week 4 Flexibility 

Week 5 Cool Down

Week 5 Warm up

Week 5 Core

Week 5 Legs

Week 5 Interval Training 

Week 5 Stamina 

Week 5 Upper body 

Week 5 Flexibility 

Week 5 Cool Down

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The Core: one of the main muscle groups to help stabilise your body, helping to give you a centre of gravity. Building a stronger core can help your posture, reduce/prevent back pain and make everyday tasks such as bending down that little bit easier.

Flexibility: also known as limberness, refers to the range of movement in joints and the muscles that cross them to allow bending movements. Improving your flexibility means you are you are less likely to become injured during physical activity. It also reduces muscle soreness.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): a training technique were you perform short bursts of activity followed by short recovery periods. This type of training is great at keeping your heart rate up, burning more fat in less time.

Legs: stronger legs allow you to become better at activities such as walking, running, jumping and climbing stairs.

Stamina: is the ability to keep up a physical activity. Cardiovascular exercises performed in the #Bucks7MW exercises your heart and lungs, making them more effective at supplying oxygen to muscles. By keeping up the routine your stamina will gradually increase.

Upper body: the area of the upper back, the neck and the shoulders. Exercising this area is great for improving posture, keeping away back pain and reducing aches from a lot of sitting down.

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These energising videos have been funded by Sports England and have been designed by students at Buckinghamshire New University; supported by Aylesbury College pupils