K'Bro | Emotional Resiliency App for Young People

Published: 18 January 2019

Have you heard of K'Bro? K'Bro is an Emotional Resiliency App for Young People. Basically, K'Bro is a safe place and game where you can express how you are feeling and support others too. You can join tribes which are anonymous online communities. The What's up feature allows you to share the best stuff in your life to your journal or post to your tribe.

There is also a "Speak Up" feature which is a place where you can practice how to advocate for yourself, meaning speak positively about yourself. You can then get feedback on how best to say something from those in your tribe, or simply track it in the K’Bro journal.

Links to Download

K'Bro on the App store

K'Bro on Amazon 

Find out about the app on the K'Bro website.