The Ideal Culture Standard (TICS)

The Ideal Culture Standard (TICS) is a platform raising awareness about  cultural” and "silenced" issues causing significant harm to individuals from Black and Minority Ethnic communities (BME).

TICS addresses topics such as forced marriages, radicalisation, bleaching, domestic violence, mental health, female genital mutilation, absent fathers, homosexuality, physical chastisement, child bride, and more.

Such issues are addressed through short concise evidence based articles, personal and professional interviews, social media and forum discussions with a long term goal of providing free training for the local communities.  

The purpose of the platform is to educate and encourage the BME community to talk about some of these "cultural" and "silenced" topics which in turn should raise awareness amongst the public as well as professionals working with families from ethnic backgrounds.

The platform also provides advice for the public, victims about support available and where to seek for support if required. 

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James and Pamela Simwanza
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Founders of The Ideal Culture Standard
The Ideal Culture Standard

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Online website can be accessed 24/7.
Calls can be made on Saturdays 9am to 12 midday. Sundays 5pm to 8pm.

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