Defence Attack and Resolution Tactics | Self Defence (Wycombe)

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DART is a modern legally underpinned self protection system. Our aim: to teach people how to avoid, deter, negate and escape verbal aggression and physical violence.

DART provides expert personal safety advice, world class appropriate physical skill training, and Britain's best self defence scenario training at our classes and seminars in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. 

DART recognises that true self protection is avoiding having to resort to self defence in the first place and personal safety advice and strategies run throughout our training.

DART regular classes focus on self defence against habitual acts of violence (HAOV). Training includes striking, grappling, throwing, ground-fighting, solo drills and pad work. There is a strong emphasis on learning through play in dynamic and alive exercises. We use Karate suits in most classes as the jackets can take rougher more realistic treatment than T shirts, our T shirts are actually rugby shirts designed to last.

No false machismo, no exaggerated claims, just high quality training designed and tested to keep you safe and healthy.

DART Self Defence classes are open to teenagers with a mature attitude to training and adults.

DART Self Defence training is held at Wycombe Leisure Centre and Wycombe Judo Centre. Trainees benefit from a large designated car park, male and female changing and showering facilities, and an area where people coming straight from work can relax or read before training, or wait while a self defence class is being held.

Who to contact

Contact Name
John Titchen
Contact Position
Chief Instructor
DART Website
Parent Organisation
Wycombe Leisure Centre

Where to go

Wycombe Leisure Centre and Wycombe Judo Centre
Handy Cross
High Wycombe
HP11 1UP

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Tuesday and Thursday
Time of day
Session Information
Located at Badminton Court B4 Wycombe Leisure Centre (Thursday)
Wycombe Judo Centre (Tuesday)

Other Details

Cost Description

See website for cost

Age Ranges
13 to 80 years
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