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Team Green

My name is Chrissie. I have four gorgeous children from toddler to primary school age.

We have three dogs; Max, Penny and Bailey and three cats: Jake Rosie and Mia, who are normally chilling outside somewhere.

I work alongside my husband Adam and he is fantastic with the children, together we take a team approach and are 'Team Green'.

About us:

We enjoy walks with the dogs up the woods, especially day trips, and have a severe love of all things Disney. We truly are big kids at heart.

We love cooking, as well as being outside when the weather is nice. We are honoured to have a largish garden so the aim is to provide outdoor learning weather permitting.

We cover meals and have an inclusion policy, which includes all cultures, races, dietary requirements, also have various training, this includes all disabilities and additional needs.

We offer a home from home learning environment with lots of childcare experience and qualifications.

We are part of the elite team of childminders who offer care for families who are in need through county on the Buckinghamshire Community Childminding Network; also providing overnight care for ages 0 to18. This is requested on a referral process from county and involves extra support as well as further training and shows we have a passion to help children. 

We also offer funded places, accept childcare vouchers and will be registered for the new tax free childcare scheme.

We hope that you are happy with choosing us. Any questions please ask we offer an open door policy.


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Team Green
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Chrissie's web profile

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We live near the train station, town and bus station in Aylesbury so this is within walking distance and drive to Bedgrove Infant and Junior Schools. 


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Table of costs
Table of costs
AgeAmount £Cost Type
All Ages 5.00 Per hour
Under 2s 5.50 Per hour
Cost Description

Please ask for fee policy.

Age Related Price Differences

Under 2’s charged at £5.50

Childcare Information


Immediate vacancies

We have shift worker children, part timers and our own children so please enquire for specific vacancies. 

I have availability at Team Green for the following from Now for stretched or from September for term time only contract 

Monday from 9.30

Friday from 9.30

Session times would depend on if Term time or Stretched.

 We also have space for 15 hours worth of care 2pm until 5pm everyday.

Funded Places

3 and 4 year old funding
2 year old funding

30 Hours Childcare

This Provider is offering 30 Hours free childcare places

Age ranges
From 0 years to 18 years
When is childcare available?
Half term
Full Time
Overnight Care
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Summer Holidays
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No. of weeks a year we are open
Opening Times
Opening Times
DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday 08:00 18:00
Tuesday 08:00 18:00
Wednesday 08:00 18:00
Thursday 08:00 18:00
Friday 08:00 18:00
Saturday 08:00 18:00
Other Availability

These are our basic hours, other hours can be covered by prior arrangement such as earlier start or later finish. :-)

School Pickups

Pickups/Collections offered
Bedgrove Junior School
Bedgrove Infant School
We can collect and drop for Bedgrove

Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
Link to latest Ofsted inspection report 

Local Offer


We are a husband and wife team who work together to provide the best home from home learning environment for any child.

We aim to give each family the opportunity to access care whatever their need may be. We include any child in all activities working in an atmosphere where learning through play is key and the age and stage of the child is followed to ensure they are enjoying and achieving. We have had various training in specialist courses and are always keen to improve our knowledge to help the children. We have a can do attitude here where every child is valued and encouraged to try their best.

How does the early years setting know if children need extra help and what should I do if I think my child may have Special Educational Needs and/or disabilities?

At Team Green we closely follow the EYFS and track all children and their development. We always work in partnership with parents and this is especially key with SEND children.

If we observe any concerns we will record and raise these with parent’s; this may be through constant tracking, observation and planning or through the 2 year check which we carry out with all age appropriate children to ensure that any concerns for development will be discussed and a plan of action put into place of how we can help.

We gather permission from the go from parents to share information with other agencies should the need arise as working with parents and these agencies getting early help for children is proven to help any needs in the long run. An ‘All About me’ is discussed with parents when any child starts at the setting and any needs identified. This provides starting points for their learning journeys and parents are encouraged to contribute to these; we ask parents in to view them usually with a cup of tea.

We regularly ask for feedback from parents for any praise or concerns, through email, questionnaires and by phone; and have an open door policy here at Team Green.

How will the early years setting support my child?

At Team Green we are continuously working to help the children thrive here. We believe in learning through play planning and observation; which encourages development as when a person enjoys something they will learn without thinking; it is an in built desire to learn. This goes for any child; however small the achievement it is celebrated here as any progress is good for that specific child. We strive to encourage the children to meet milestones according to the EYFS and adapt activities to suit the children’s capabilities and likes. We use learning journey’s to track the development; and work closely with parents to ensure continuity within the child’s life. We provide a safe and secure environment so that the children’s emotional well-being needs can be met; building their confidence and self esteem. 

 How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s SEND needs?

We believe every child is unique; and provide a learning-through-play environment. This means that we are able to adapt activities and resources to match the child’s needs with or without SEND. We provide guidance, support and encouragement to try new things; and through observations and planning are able to support the children with next steps in their personal development. We follow the EYFS curriculum for a child in Early Years and tailor activities to suit each child. This is recorded in their learning journeys. We explore and go on adventures; which are fully inclusive to all children and this looks at different parts of the curriculum; as we believe learning opportunities are all around us.

 What support will there be for my child’s overall well being?

 We work closely with other agencies to ensure that a child as a whole is safe and secure; both emotionally and physically. We can signpost you to other support networks; as well as what we can provide ourselves.

How will a child with SEND be included in activities outside the setting?

When planning activities we take into account the needs of all the children in the setting. A risk assessment is carried out and adaptations if any will be made ensuring wheelchair or pushchair accessible.

How will the staff prepare and support a child with SEND to join the setting or transfer to a new setting/school?

We work closely with any person or organisation involved in transitions, passing on information; as parents will have given permission to do so when starting at Team Green. We are happy for any new teacher’s or new carers to visit us in the setting. We will also provide activities to get children ready for their new setting as well as settling in sessions for those coming in new to us.

How are the setting’s resources allocated and matched to a child’s Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities?

We are always looking at additional funding and there are extra sources available for SEND children. We have a variety of resources for any child here and always look at adapting activities to suit individual children and their needs.

How is the decision made about what type and how much support a child with SEND will receive?

With our planning and observations we are able to track development. From here we are able to work on areas, which need the extra help. We also work closely with other agencies and can get referrals in place with them to better support your child. We have support from PACEY, Professional Association of Children and Early Years to do so. From here we will work with agencies and parents to ensure that the child is receiving the correct support. We also are able to complete plans such as the SEN plan with parents and other partners in the child’s life to ensure continuity throughout.


Adam and Chrissie 

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Chrissie Green
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SEN Provision Type
Universal service (No referral required)

Early Years Local Offer Response

1. What recent SEND specific training has been completed by practitioners in the setting?

Behaviour management training has been completed and refreshed in the last 4 months. 

CPD is always ongoing and when new areas come up they are looked at. The plan is for SENCO full training to be completed by the end of 2020. 


2. How are parents involved at the setting and how can I be involved?

We welcome parents coming to visit; parent questionnaires; looking learning journeys frequently. We encourage all children on large outings such as the farm or beach and if not contracted days ask parents along with the children who are not normally here. We incorporate parents in the learning of their children and keep them updated. We use WhatsApp for messaging any special moments or just a keeping in touch basis if needed during the day. This way you can receive up to date photos of what your child might be doing at Team Green.

3. How will practitioners work with me to share information about my child's progress? What is additional for children with SEND?

Every child has the right to have their information shared as accessing the right information and people for individual is key. Working in partnership with parents is what childminders should be doing in every aspect not just with children with SEND.  At every step of the way parent's will be a main concern of what is best for that child. We would look at what would be needed for that child. This might be more frequent meetings, a detailed paper diary instead of a verbal handover, we will adapt. The impact that the learning will be having on each child will be individual and for some the little steps might be smaller than others but it is important that each child is unique in what they require so this would be communicated frequently with parents and other professionals.

4. What specialist services and expertise are available at, or accessed by the setting?

We have access to and have accessed. variety of resources; including working with SALT; advisers from county for SEN, Occupational Therapists, physios, social workers. We will always look at who else might be needed for individual children and will access these as they are required. Chrissie has varied SEN knowledge due to outside commitments such as SEND governor at Bedgrove Infant School so is able to understand what is needed to be in place to support children who might be then attending school and pre School. 

Also as we are part of Buckinghamshire Community Childminding Network (BCCN) members of county and social care are also contactable, as well as quite specific training. We also are already working with physiotherapists and occupational therapists as well as dieticians and the paediatricians at Stoke Mandeville.

5. How accessible is the setting's environment (indoors and outdoors)?

We operate mainly on the ground floor of our house; and whilst there is a small step both at the front and rear of the house; the toilet and washing facilities are located upstairs. We have a large car that does have space for a wheelchair if needed, we are accessible by a variety of transport methods because of our location. We are able to make small adaptions if needed to be able to be as inclusive as possible to each child's needs. We have been known to purchase additional resources needed; work with Occupational Therapists to ensure that the environment is best suited to a child's specific requirements. 


6. What are the transition arrangements for supporting children and families?

We work closely with any person or organisation involved in transitions, passing on information; as parents will have given permission to do so when starting at Team Green. We are happy for any new teacher’s or new carers to visit us in the setting. We will also provide activities to get children ready for their new setting as well as settling in sessions for those coming in new to us. We visit new settings to speak with new members of their teams to ensure that all information is shared. We are also able to assist with transitions that might be within the home, such as moving house; new baby etcetera. We have a lot of resources to help with this, and will ask for help from the right people if we do not know the next step or the answer. 

7. What future plans does your setting have for developing its SEND?

Chrissie is SEND governor for Bedgrove Infant school currently so receive training through this. She is hoping to complete SENCO training by the end of 2020 which will help with ensuring that all paperwork is in place to help the child in the next step. We have worked with other resources such as paediatricians to help the children that need a little extra support or put in place EHCP. 

For Adam he will be incorporating this into part of his CPD however he has also worked with Occupational therapy, SALT and the SEN advisers from county. 


We are always open to taking on any children, SEN or not so this developing this area just depends on the specific children to which area out training might take us as we will always look at training that might be needed to support an individual child within our care. 

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