The Aylesbury Vale Academy Primary Phase

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The Aylesbury Vale Academy
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Assistant Principal SENDco
The Aylesbury Vale Academy

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Aylesbury Vale Academy
Paradise Orchard
HP18 0WS
Venue Notes

Google has not updated its maps to include our postcode HP18 0WS

HP18 0PS into Google maps or your Sat Nav you will be directed to the lay-by outside the grounds on the A41 – from there you can see the playing fields and the large building on the right.


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When is it on
Monday to Friday School hours 08:15am to 4.00pm
Time of day
Session Information
Year 10 and 11 finish at 4pm

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Age Ranges
From 2 years to 19 years

Local Offer


We value every student and recognise their entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum. Our role is to meet the individual needs of all students through personalised provision so that each individual is able to achieve their potential.

Our objectives are:

  • To be an inclusive Academy Trust where all students are held in equal and positive regard

  • To facilitate high levels of achievement for all students, enabling them to be prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life

  • To take reasonable measures to overcome barriers to learning

  • To identify students with SEND as early as possible

  • To meet individual needs through a wide range of provision, including quality first teaching, support from teaching assistants, targeted intervention and appropriate withdrawal for individual or small group teaching

  • To support Academy Trust staff to carry out their responsibilities for the delivery of a differentiated curriculum to meet the diverse needs of our students, including the identification and facilitation of training needs

  • To regularly review the needs of students with SEND

  • To involve families/carers in the support arrangements for their children and in the reviewing process to attain high levels of satisfaction from parents/ carers

  • To put students with SEND at the centre of planning for provision, enabling them to view measures positively and allow full and positive engagement

Contact Name
Emma Jefford Assistant Principal
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SENCo Name
Emma Jefford
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Link to Annual SEN Report
Local Offer Age Bands
16 to 18
12 to 15
19 to 25
2 to 4
8 to 11
5 to 7
Needs Level
Sensory and Physical Needs
All Needs Met
Communication and Interaction
Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties
SEN Provision Type
Universal service (No referral required)

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 Rating: Good
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Mainstream Provision
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Approximately how many children do you have on roll?

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