Practical Karate Association

The Practical Karate Association in High Wycombe provides its students with the best self defence skills as well as giving them a healthy exercise regime.

Our Shotokan and DART Karate classes focus on close quarter paired self defence drills, striking and grappling skills, legally underpinned personal safety strategies, and martial arts exercises that improve mobility, strength and aerobic fitness.

Modern Karate has its origins in close quarter defensive tactics from a fusion of Chinese and Okinawan fighting styles that were originally taught in secret on Okinawa, with the majority of karate systems descended from Royal Bodyguard Sokon Matsumura. It was not designed as a duelling art, but as an effective way of dealing with attacks by thugs. In the early 20th Century the high value of karate as a form of physical exercise was also recognised, and it was adopted by the Okinawan education system before being exported on to Japan and subsequently the world.

Who to contact

Contact Name
John Titchen
Contact Position
Chief Instructor
Practical Karate

Where to go

Wycombe Leisure Centre and Wycombe Judo Centre
Handy Cross
High Wycombe
HP11 1UP
Venue Notes

We run classes at the Wycombe Leisure Centre and Wycombe Judo Centre. 

Geographic Area Covered
Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Our Wycombe nights are Tuesday and Thursday.
Session Information
Please see the website for details.

Other Details

Cost Description

Please contact us for details.

Age Ranges
13 to 80 years
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