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Jellitots Pre-School

Pre-School Playgroup located in Marlow in the District of Wycombe.

Partners who own playgroup also run it on a daily basis assuring parents and children of quality care at all times. Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities are catered for and a wide range of cultural resources are available.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Julia Stephens/Bev Shervell
Contact Position
Manager / Co-owners
Jellitots Pre-School

Where to go

The Old Pavillion
Pound Lane
Venue Notes
  • Marlow Station - 5 minutes walk.
  • Marlow town centre - 2 minutes walk.
  • Numerous bus routes nearby.

Other Details

Table of costs
Table of costs
AgeAmount £Cost Type
All Ages 5.00 Per hour
Cost Description

Accept childcare vouchers and 2 year old funding

Childcare Information

Funded Places

3 and 4 year old funding
2 year old funding

30 Hours Childcare

This Provider is offering 30 Hours free childcare places

Age ranges
From 2 years to 5 years
When is childcare available?
Term Times
No. of weeks a year we are open
Opening Times
Opening Times
DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday AM 09:15 12:15
Tuesday AM 09:15 12:15
Tuesday PM 12:15 15:15
Wednesday AM 09:15 12:15
Wednesday PM 12:15 15:15
Thursday AM 09:15 12:15
Thursday PM 12:15 15:15
Friday AM 09:15 12:15
Other Availability

Term Time only.

School Pickups

Pickups/Collections offered
Jellitots Pre-School

Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
Link to latest Ofsted inspection report 

Local Offer


Your child will be allocated a key carer who will be responsible for your child’s development. Through the use of observations and planning for their next steps we are able to identify any concerns which we will share with you, and with consent we will contact other professionals if required. If you have any concerns about your child you should speak with your child’s key person who will be able to advise you further.

Contact Name
Julia Stephens
Contact Telephone
Contact Email
SEN Provision Type
Universal service (No referral required)

Early Years Local Offer Response

How does the setting know if a child will need extra help and what should families do if they think their child may have Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND)?

At Jellitots we treat every child as an individual. Your child will be allocated a key carer who will be responsible for your child’s development. Through the use of observations and planning for their next steps we are able to identify any concerns which we will share with you, and with consent we will contact other professionals if required. If you have any concerns about your child you should speak with your child’s key person who will be able to advise you further.

How will staff in the setting support a child with SEND?

Your child’s key carer will work with both you and your child. This relationship will ensure that we share knowledge concerning your child and their development. This knowledge begins with the Initial Meeting Form and continues with regular meetings relating to their next steps. Through continual observations we can plan for your child including accessing additional support from other professionals as appropriate. With your permission, we will contact the Buckinghamshire Learning Trust Early Years Service if required, either for advice or to make a referral with any concerns. We will implement strategies and advice offered as appropriate.

How will the curriculum for the setting be matched to a child with SEND's needs?

Every child is viewed as ‘unique’ therefore we plan for your child’s development based on observations of your child and evidence gained for their Records of Achievement. The environment your child plays in will be appropriate for their needs and additional support or resources will be supplied as appropriate.

How will staff work with families about how a child with SEND is doing and how to support a child's learning?

A strong relationship between the setting and parents is important. You will have access to view your child’s records every session and your child’s key person will be available to discuss your child’s development and next steps with you at any time. We are always available to discuss any concerns you have regarding your child’s learning.

What support does the setting offer for a child with SEND's overall well-being?

We offer ‘settling in’ sessions which will familiarise your child with the pre-school and also enable support for your child to be discussed before they commence at the setting. Any care routines will be discussed prior to starting and if additional training is required we will undertake this as necessary. Promoting positive behaviour is important to us and we utilise a range of techniques to ensure this is met. We will always discuss any behaviour concerns with you in order to maintain a consistent approach between home and the setting. Through close relationships with the children and their key carers we ensure all children feel valued and supported.

What specialist services and expertise are available at, or accessed by, the setting?

We work with all professionals as required for each child and always encourage these persons to come and visit the relevant children in the setting. If required we will contact and work with the Buckinghamshire Learning Trust Early Years Service. We will obtain parental consent before contact is made and we will include parents in all decisions made and meetings held. If speech and language concerns are identified by the setting, we will advise the parents to take their child to the Speech and Language screening sessions. We work with Speech and Language therapists and the reports they provide to support the children in their language development.

What training have the staff supporting children with SEND had or are having?

The staff continually receive and refresh their training. All staff are qualified within Early Years or are currently studying for qualifications. All staff receive training in behaviour management, speech and language and assessing children’s development. The SENCO attends termly Early Years SENCO Liaison Group meetings to remain up to date with current policies and procedures We continually reflect upon our practice and will attend training when a particular need is identified.

How will a child with SEND be included in activities outside the setting?

All children will be included if any external trips are undertaken and risk assessments will be completed before hand. Permission from parents would be requested and a mobile phone, emergency contact list and first aid kit would always taken.

How accessible is the setting's environment (indoors and outdoors)

We will work closely with all parents to access any specialist equipment that may be required. There are 4 steps to the outdoor play area which, if necessary could be adapted with a ramp. Visual timetables are used to assist children with the daily routine and dual language books are shared with families of children with English as Additional Language to aid communication.

How will the staff prepare and support a child with SEND to join the setting or transfer to a new setting/school?

When children join we offer a flexible settling in policy. All children are initially invited to visit the setting to familiarise themselves with the environment and their key carer. When the child starts with us, their needs are monitored on a daily basis and parents are involved in any decisions made until the child has settled. If a child attends another setting or is moving to a different setting we share the child’s records with that setting. We liaise with local schools to arrange visits of the children to the schools and the teachers to visit the children at the pre-school to aid transition.

How are the setting's resources allocated and matched to a child's Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities?

All children’s individual needs are closely monitored and where additional equipment is required this is either purchased or sourced from the local toy libraries. Where necessary we will try to access additional funding to provide specialist equipment. We regularly review all our equipment to ensure it supports the Early Years Foundation Stage.

How is the decision made about what type and how much support a child with SEND will receive?

The Managers and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) will work closely with you and other professionals to determine your child’s needs. We have regular team meetings so that all practitioners also have an understanding of your child’s needs. In addition the Key Carer will be able to identify any additional support through the observation procedure required by the Early Years Foundation Stage and individual plans will be made as necessary.

How are parents involved at the setting?

We have an open door policy and promote and value all parents views and opinions. We always ask parents for feedback on our provision and encourage parents to talk to us if they have any comments or concerns. We encourage ongoing dialogue with their child’s key carer and we send out a termly newsletter along with information available on the website and Facebook page. Parents are invited to help in the setting and are encouraged to share their interests and skills.

What future plans does your setting have for developing its SEND provision for example, training, facilities?

During the next year we will be developing our practice in Makaton signing and working with children with speech and language concerns.

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