South Bucks PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) Support Group

The South Bucks PDA Support Group aims to provide parents and carers, who either have a diagnosis or believe their child may have Pathological Demand Avoidance, with an opportunity to meet informally over coffee, share experiences and positively support each other.  Evening and family events are also organised, but advanced booking is required to ensure these are viable. Local speakers often attend meetings and training seminars are organised when needed to help families and professionals learn more about this profile of Autism.

The group started in July 2015 and to date has over 140 families who have registered.  We can’t promise to solve problems, we’re not professionals but, we are all very willing to listen and share ideas.  General information on local and national events/newsletters are also regularly distributed to members.

Planned events for 2019 include:

Coffee Mornings

Friday 29 March                         10am to 12:30pm              John Lewis, High Wycombe

Wednesday 15 May                    10am to 12:30pm              PDA ACTION DAY – location TBC

Tuesday 18 June                        9:30am to 12pm               The Square, Holmer Green

Friday 12 July                            10am to 12:30pm              John Lewis, High Wycombe

Friday 13 September                  10am to 12.30pm              John Lewis, High Wycombe

Tuesday 15 October                   9:30am to 12pm                The Square, Holmer Green

Friday 15 November                   10am to 12:30pm              John Lewis, High Wycombe

Tuesday 10 December                9:30am to 12pm                The Square, Holmer Green


Evenings advance booking required

Informal social evenings, usually with a good mix of Mums and Dads, where some people have a meal and others just a drink.  These are currently held on a Friday from 7:30pm in High Wycombe.

  • 26 April

  • 28 June

  • 27 September

  • 29 November 

Family Events (advance booking required)

Saturday 18 May                                  Thames Valley Adventure Playground

August                                                 Family Picnic

Some school holidays                            Ukulele music workshops


Training (advance booking required)

PDA Society Parent/Carers course - Saturday 16 March - full details and booking via Eventbrite:

Previous sessions have included:

  • Information coffee mornings on Living with Autism and Nutrition and PDA,ASD
  • 6 week PDA Society Parents, Carers Course
  • 4 hour PDA Society Parents, Carers Course
  • Understanding Violent Challenging Behaviour in those with additional needs run by Yvonne Newbold
  • Violent and Challenging Behaviour in Children; Restraint Strategies for Home to include theory with some practical demonstrations and discussions on Positive Behaviour Support
  • Practical PDA Strategies


Information Sheets

Finally, our Support Group Founder & Coordinator has written the following information sheets about PDA that are available on request:

   “PDA Thoughts | How PDA presents and affects our daughter, the impact on family and the strategies that we find successful”

   “PDA Thoughts Siblings | Recognising the challenges caused by PDA, the impact on our daughter and how we try to support her”

   "PDA Thoughts For Siblings | Questions and answers about PDA for young people and siblings"


For a copy of any of these documents or to receive further details about the group please e-mail us.  

Additional information on PDA can be found via The PDA Society website or The National Autistic Society


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