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ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis) Horizons believes every child can learn. Especially when given the right tools and support. Despite if they learn differently from you and I. We strive to help young people on the spectrum to maximise their potential.

Based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis, we provide high quality, individualised services. We increase effective learning by reducing barriers that prevent learning. We teach functionally equivalent skills to replace behaviours that may challenge.

Telehealth ABA Programmes will allow for families to have access to ABA programmes through the use of technology.  It is cost-effective for families with a child who cannot meet in traditional standards of face-to-face consultations and examinations. It can improve the child's health through real-time communication between the therapist and the child in a remote environment.  ABA Horizons makes use of electronic communication using audio and video equipment to engage with the child.  This allows for flexibility and for the family and child to receive high-quality services.

Direct Services - Our direct ABA services consist of 1:1 therapy provided to your child for a specified number of hours per week in the home or community setting. The exact number of hours will be based on assessment results and what we think will work best for you. Direct services will be implemented by an RBT® or RBT® in training.  We understand that ABA services can be expensive and time-consuming, therefore we want our services to be accessible and work for your budget. If you are interested in direct ABA services, there are three possible RBT® options available to you:  ABA Horizons provides a tutor with RBT® certification. You provide a tutor that already has RBT® certification or that we can train to RBT® standard. You work directly with your child and ABA Horizons will train you to RBT® standard.

In addition to 1:1 therapy, it is recommended that parents/caregivers receive parent training to run alongside therapy. The purpose of parent training is to ensure that the skills your child learns during therapy generalise to other people and settings. Parent training will help you to better understand your child’s learning and behaviour.

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Outreach Manager
ABA Horizons

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43 Chapman Place, Mile End, Colchester, CO4 5ZJ
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We provide ABA programmes to individuals up to the age of eleven with a diagnosis of ASD. We can provide ABA programmes at home, in your child’s school or in the community, at a time that is convenient for you.

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