YogaBellies for Mum and Baby (Wendover)

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The body undergoes huge change during pregnancy and childbirth. YogaBellies for Mum and Baby is a unique postnatal yoga class which focuses on mum’s three main areas of concern: the back, the abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor. We focus on rebuilding these three key areas post-natally, at a pace that suits you. As the integrity of each of these key areas is interconnected, we work on all three at once to help bring back structural integrity to your body.

At YogaBellies for Mum and Baby, we don’t “put baby in the corner” while you practice yoga. Our exclusive postnatal classes also incorporate baby yoga postures for your little one too so that they can practice with mummy! As every aspect of your life will include baby now, we help you integrate baby into your yoga practice, while feeling the benefits of yoga for you too. You will also learn breath awareness and relaxation techniques, which help to increase energy levels and allow you to relax while with baby (yes it is possible!!)

Yoga provides a wonderful resource for you and your baby that allows you to deal positively with stress, and encourage mindful relaxation in your role as a mother and to help gently guide the body and mind back to their former glory.

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Certified YogaBellies Teacher
YogaBellies Chilterns

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I know it is a very anxious time at the moment and I am only sorry that you are having to cope with this at the start of motherhood. In light of the latest government guidelines my classes are no longer taking place in their normal venues, but moving to live-streamed classes.

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Saturdays 10:30am to 11:30am
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YogaBellies for Mummy | Thursdays 9pm to 10pm (additional class for postnatal Mummies ONLY)
YogaBellies for Mum and Baby | Saturdays 10:30am to 11:30am (formerly Wednesday - Wendover Memorial Hall)
Nurture by YogaBellies | Sundays 10am to 11am (formerly Thursday - Wendover Library)
Whilst classes remain online you can attend all three postnatal classes LIVE and have access to all three recordings per week when traditionally you would choose between the classes or pay for all separately. You can choose to attend only one live class a week of course or just listen to the recordings but you won't be able to interact with the other attendees.

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The classes are rolling blocks of six and are booked in weekly blocks in advance. The cost of the block is £69, and you can do as many blocks as you wish. At the time of booking, you are required to pay a deposit of £14.50 via PayPal or credit/debit card. The remaining £54.50 respectively is payable via bank transfer within one month of booking. 

You can book at the following link:  

Whilst classes remain online you can attend all three postnatal classes LIVE and have access to all three recordings per week for this single block price.

Age Ranges
I would recommend at least 6 weeks after you have given birth. If you have had a caesarean section
then I would recommend 8-10 weeks. As always
the most important thing is to listen to your body
if you are in any pain or discomfort
just wait a few weeks. During the class there is no pressure for you or baby to do anything that's uncomfortable and there's no need to have any yoga experience either. During class
don't worry if your baby cries
needs feeding
sleeps and more...this class is an enjoyable one so 'go with the flow' is the motto! Our classes are suitable for all levels of yoga practice so please don't worry if you have never done yoga before.
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