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Money, Benefits and Allowances

Information on claiming benefits you may be entitled to, saving money on your household bills and where to get advice and local support.

Discounted Sport, Leisure and Travel

Here you can find out about various schemes for Buckinghamshire residents on benefits that can save you money when paying for leisure activities, sport and travel.  

Paying for childcare

Information on the benefits, schemes and allowances that may help towards your childcare costs. Also find: links to calculators to work out how much you may save and who to speak to for further help. Is your child 2, 3 or 4 years old?  All…

Keeping school holiday costs down

Christmas? Summer? If we are defining the most expensive time of the year for families, it’s a tough call. Whereas gifts hammer our December bank balances, during the summer months, it is time, childcare, activities and food. There’s no denying the excitement kids feel when…

Benefits and Allowances

To help understand the benefits and allowances you may be entitled to we have compiled together some information and resources. If you have a disabled child please see The Local Offer for SEND information.

Tax Credits

An overview of Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit. Please note: Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit will be replaced by Universal Credit.

30 Hours Funded Childcare

This page provides information on 30 Hours Funded childcare which became available in Buckinghamshire in September 2017. The 30 Hours scheme aims to help families with 3 or 4-year-olds to start back into work or to extend their working pattern.  All 3 and 4-year-olds are entitled to 15…

Borrowing Safely

This section covers the different types of money lenders out there including credit unions, banks, and payday loan companies. Also find out about the dangers of loan sharks and how and where to seek help.

Help with your household bills

There are ways of saving money by using our hints and tips, finding out if there are any grants available and seeking advice on changing suppliers. All this information and more can be found here.

Money, Food and Housing Help

A variety of local groups, organisations and charities that can help you in times of need.