Traveller Families

A nomadic way of life has been followed by groups of people all over the world for many, many generations. This way of life involves travelling the country and staying for various periods of time in different locations.

The most distinct groups within the travelling community in this country are Roma Gypsies, Irish Travellers and English Travellers.

Traveller families and communities can face a number of issues such as underachievement in schools, barriers to accessing health care and job opportunities and social exclusion.

However, there are support agencies that can assist with issues relating to law, planning, education and health, and you can find links to them on the right-hand side.

Need support?

Contact Karen Ross, Gypsy, a Roma and Traveller Liaison Officer on:

Telephone: 07825 403 300



Education Entitlement Team

Buckinghamshire Council

Walton Street offices


HP20 1UZ