Education and Training (16+ years)

Parents, did you know that young people now have a lot more choices about Education after 16? It no longer means staying at school full time, your child has the following options: 

  • Apprenticeship – where you can earn and learn at the same time.

  • College – where a wide range of courses are offered, related to career aims. 

  • School Sixth Form - either at your current school or move to another school.

  • Training – Providers run a range of programmes at all levels. 

All young people are required to continue in some form of learning as above until they are aged 18.  This is sometimes referred to as Staying in Learning Longer.

Encourage your child to contact their schools careers adviser who can offer advice and information. You can also help your child get onto learning courses and find job opportunities. 

Even though your child is a young adult, your help is vital to help support your child in making the right decisions. Talk through your child’s options and offering your experience to help them make the right choice for their future and reach their full potential. You can also help your child explore careers through the Success at School website.

If your child wants to go to university, find out all about the application, how to fill them in, top tips and deadlines through our UCAS advice page.

For further information about Staying in Learning Longer and financial support can be found through the related and external links.

If you are studying or planning to study a medical discipline, you may be able to apply for an NHS Bursary. What you can apply for, and the bursaries themselves, dependĀ on when your courses starts or stared, and which course, or type of course, you are undertaking.

Find out more about NHS Bursaries