News and FAQs (SEND and the Local Offer)

September 2020

Grants for low-income families with disabled children

Grants by a national charity that can be used to buy computers and play equipment as well as household items such as cookers and fridges.

August 2020

Optional badges for people who may have difficulties maintaining social distancing

GOV.UK have published optional badges for people who may have difficulties maintaining social distancing. Download to your phone or print them as badges.

June 2020

Temporary changes to services provided by Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust has made a number of temporary changes to our children and young people’s services to ensure that staff can be redeployed to areas where they are most needed and patient safety is not compromised. These changes are in line with NHS England and Government guidelines.

May 2020

Deaf Awareness Week

It's Deaf Awareness Week (DAW) 2020. This year's focus was around recognising and celebrating those with acquired deafness. But with all going on, The UK Council on Deafness are running an online campaign instead to engage with their members and encourage them to celebrate Deafness, raise awareness of best practice and use the week for demonstrating change and positivity. Here we've brought together some resources from education to leisure. Share on Social Media using the hashtag #DAW.

Temporary Changes to Section 42 - Provision in EHCPs

From 1 May, for at least one month, the Section 42 duty has been eased. This means that there is no absolute duty to provide the help in Section F.  Instead, education providers under the direction of Buckinghamshire Council must use ‘reasonable endeavours’ to provide the help.  ‘Reasonable endeavours’ means they must do what they reasonably can to provide the help – it might not be possible to provide it exactly as written in Section F.  For example, it may be that it is not possible to provide face to face one to one support for children at the moment.  If this is the case, educational settings will need to work closely with families to find other ways of giving support to children.  Support can also be accessed via EHC Coordinators, should there be any difficulties with this.

April 2020

SEND Resources during COVID-19

We've pulled together updates from the Integrated SEND Service and links to useful information from health and wellbeing to home learning.

March 2020

Report available from The Shout Out for SEND (Young People's Conference)

On 7 November 2019, Buckinghamshire held its first Shout Out for SEND conference for young people. The aim was to provide opportunities for young people with SEND to share their views on their experiences of living and being educated in Buckinghamshire, to enable a co-produced, new SEND and Inclusion Strategy for the local area. Now you can read the conference report for more information about the day and what was learned

February 2020

Autism Strategy Engagement 2019 Summary Feedback (PDF/A 438KB)

On 28 November and 6 December 2019 tow Autism Strategy Engagement sessions were held with representative and experts from multiple organisations. This involved discussion around several key themes and the report details the summary feedback.

July 2019

Update from the Head of Integrated SEND | 19 July 2019

An update from the Head of Integrated SEND Service at Buckinghamshire Council, Hero Slinn. 

June 2019

SEND Home to School Transport | Information Sessions

In June 2019 the Council held four information sessions for parent and carers of students aged 16 to 18 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). These sessions provided more information on the changes to school transport policy following a public consultation which ran from 31 October 2018 to 4 January 2019.

April 2019

World Autism Awareness Week | 1 to 7 April 2019

World Autism Awareness Week was held between 1 to 7 April 2019. The Buckinghamshire Family Information Service and Local Offer supported the week and took the opportunity to raise awareness of The Autism Toolbox which brings together Autism information and services in Buckinghamshire.

Autism is much more common than many people think. Around 700,000 people are on the autism spectrum in the UK –more than 1 in 100. Handy, localised information and services around autism.

February 2019

Children's Short Breaks Strategy for 2018 to 2022

The Children's Short Breaks Strategy for 2018 to 2022 is now available. This document tells you how the council want short breaks to help disabled children and young people. It also tells you how short breaks can support parents, carers and families.

January 2019

Free, Inclusive PE training for school staff and teachers

Sainsbury’s Active Kids for All ran an Inclusive PE Training Programme in Beaconsfield for schools and teachers in Buckinghamshire on Tuesday 12 February 2019. The initiative hoped to ensure young disabled people are included in PE and school sport within mainstream schools by training PE teachers, school staff and trainee teachers.

December 2018

SEND Stories in South Bucks School Sport Partnership Newsletter

The South Bucks School Sport Partnership released their December 2018 newsletter featuring many great SEND stories.

November 2018

Short Breaks Consultation: have your say via the survey and drop-in sessions

Now we have agreed the strategy we need to decide what short breaks will be offered and how they will be allocated. If you use short break services, it is very important that you have your say about this.

July 2018 

Access All Areas (Thursday 13 September) Health and fitness event for those with a learning disability or autism

Independent Support Program to close at the end of July

June 2018

Have your say on the draft “Children's Short Breaks Strategy 2018 to 2022”

March 2018

Proposals for improving Special Educational Needs and Disabilities facilities in Buckinghamshire

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