Youth Voice Executive Committee

What is the Youth Voice Executive Committee?

The Committee will be a core group of young people who represent the young people of Buckinghamshire. You will come together to inform Senior Leaders from the Council about youth issues and undertake programmes of work to improve services and support for young people. You will also be supported to develop your own skills.


The Executive Committee works with...

Schools, youth groups and communities to ensure that issues that are coming up for young people at a local level are heard and recognised by Buckinghamshire Council Senior Leaders. The Committee is designed to be young person led, with the agenda set and delivered by young people with the support of the Youth Service. 


Who can join?

To become a member of Youth Voice you need to be aged between 11 (year 7) and 19 (or up to 25 with SEND). You would also need to be available to attend training and 4 meetings a year with members of Buckinghamshire Council Senior Management. Please refer to the role description below for more information

Role Description for Executive Committee Member (PDF, 221 KB)

To apply

To apply to join the Executive Committee:

  1. Complete this expression of interest form, and

  2. Email it to Sian Jones at:



We need people who have strong views, are passionate about positive change and enthusiastic about making a difference to better young lives in Buckinghamshire. If the Executive Committee is not right for you but you still want to have your voice heard then we have many different opportunities you to get involved including focus groups and youth voice events.


Who do I contact for more information?

For more information please email: or call 01296 382 583


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