Professionals' Directory

The Professionals' Directory has been developed to allow professionals from any organisation in Buckinghamshire who work with children and families to share their contact details with other professionals securely through this website.

Access to the Professionals’ Directory is granted by BFIS.

Read our Professionals' Directory Information leaflet for more information.

  1. Register for an account if you don't already have one.

  2. Check there is a record for your team, service or organisation. You can create one once you have signed in, if one doesn't exist.

  3. Complete the e-form and submit your request.

  4. Once your account is activated you will be able to sign in to the website, search in the normal way and view contact details for other professionals who have signed up.

  5. Read the Terms and Conditions.

Link to our PDF guide

  • If you haven't done so already, request access to the directory using the e-form on the website.

  • Sign in to your account through the BFIS website.

  • Use the website  search bar to find the service you want contact details for. 

  • In your search results all records that contain professionals' contact details will have a "purple head" icon by the title.

  • Click on the organisation you want and the professionals' contact details are listed at the bottom of the page.

  • Read our 'How To' Guide for more information.

Please use the e-form to tell us about any changes to your professional contact information or to request that your details are removed.

  • Access to the Professionals' Directory is only permitted where professionals sign up to share their own information.

  • Contact details for professionals are added to the record for their organisation or service. The details can only be viewed by other professionals who have signed into the website and not the general public.  There is general contact information for each organisation that the public can see.

  • Individuals are responsible for keeping their information up to date.

  • There are hundreds of professionals from a variety of services already using the Professionals' Directory. The more people who sign up, the better this service is.  

  • We can offer this facility to any professional working with children and families in Buckinghamshire. 

  • Individuals are responsible for keeping their details up to date by telling us about any changes using the e-form.

The BFIS Early Help webpage provides a central place for services to share their details. This makes it easier for professionals to search for services by the level of need so they can signpost the families they are working with to the right Early Help support services. 

If you have any questions about the Professionals' Directory please: