Supporting your Child's Education

You can help your children at home by supporting their education and development. 

Like many of us, you may have forgotten what you learnt at school or perhaps you are not confident or familiar with new teaching methods.  If this is you, there are Adult learning courses available.


Whatever your child's age why not pick up a book and inspire your child to explore books, look at pictures and start reading or make up their own story.

You can even join in with the annual National share a Story month events which take place in clubs, theatres, museums, schools and libraries where you can listen to the stories being spun with magic between the breath of the teller and the ear of the listener. 

Storytime can be lots of fun and can be done every day, make it a cuddle time, sitting close and having fun reading a book together, looking at pictures, making up stories which will also help develop imaginative play. Children also learn through copying others so it’s important for your child to see you reading too.

Children love bedtime stories and are never too old for you to read to them or let them read to you.

Children's Libraries

You can also find out more about Children’s libraries via their website and the Bookstart Scheme being offered to every Parent and Carer for their preschool children.  

Libraries also offer storytelling times for you and your child.

Write a Story

Why not encourage your child to write a story it does not have to be lengthy or be 100 words or more it can be short and flash. Flash is a really short story. It contains everything you would write in an ordinary short story, but it's much more condensed. 

You could also join in the National Flash Fiction Day held in each year and help develop those budding young writers and open up a whole new world.  

Summer Challenge

Every summer sees the National launch of the Summer Reading Challenge  

There is also have an all year round Reading Challenge website which helps you keep track of your reading, find new books to read, take part in competitions and play games.

Gain Knowledge

Books and reading can also help older children to understand and gain knowledge in different subjects and help explore their interests.

Libraries can offer homework help as well as book clubs/groups. The Britannica online library is just one resource available for all ages and offers an introductory level for young students or an intermediate level for students aged 10 to 14, including and advance level for older students and adults. 

Children and teenagers

For children and teenagers The Kids and Teen’s eReading Room is a must and has something for everyone or you and your child may like to join a children's reading group.

Visit your local library or use their online services. Membership and Books are free. 

Useful websites