Health care advice when requesting an EHC Needs Assessment

If you are thinking of requesting an EHC Needs Assessment for a child or young person we would ask you to consider carefully whether you feel that their health needs have already been addressed by appropriate referrals/consultations with relevant health professionals.

If this is not the case and you feel that the child/young person has a health need that has not been identified or treated we would ask that advice is sought from their G.P. as to whether a referral to another health professional is appropriate - parents will need to do this for their child, but if the young person is aged 18 or over they can do this themselves. If the child/young person's need is a mental health one and they are 16 or 17 they can self-refer to CAMHS. Getting any clinically relevant assessments carried out early on will better enable any health needs to be met and may mean that seeking an EHC Needs Assessment is not necessary. If, ultimately, an EHC Needs Assessment is to be requested it will help enormously if medical information is already available to inform the assessment and planning process and avoid any unnecessary delays. It will also mean that the child/young person gets the most appropriate care at an earlier stage.