The Graduated Approach - Transitions Toolkit

A toolkit of guidance, resources and links to support children and young people’s transition (transfer) between educational settings. 

The aim of this toolkit is to ensure that all children and young people with SEND have a smooth and successful transition process which meets their pastoral, academic and physical needs, enabling them to have the best possible start to their new phase of education.

This toolkit covers the school phases from Early Years through to Post 16 and can be used to support all children and young people with additional needs, not just those with EHCPs or statements.

'SEN Support should include planning and preparation for transition, before a child moves into another setting or school. This can include a review of the SEN support being provided or the EHC plan. To support the transition, information should be shared by the current setting with the receiving setting or school.' SEN and Disability Code of Practice: 0 to 25 years

Building on Graduated Approach Principles and Guidance

  • Transition information forms completed as soon after confirmation of place as possible.
  • Initial transition discussion with parents and child or young person.
  • Transitions meetings arranged at time that meets needs of child or young person to discuss and agree transition plan.
  • Relevant, child or young person parents professional to attend transition meetings.
  • Focus of meetings to discuss additional visits, transport, support required, adaptation, current and required resources, risk assessments, progress updates, medical needs, dietary requirements.
  • Handover of formal paperwork and plans with relevant parties.
  • For children or young person with EHCPs – joint setting attendance at Annual Transfer Reviews.
  • Passports, learning journals, social stories to be completed where appropriate, see the resources section for templates.
  • Home visits recommended for all age phases.

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Early Years

School and secondary

Post 16