Looked After Children

It is not always possible for parents to meet the needs of a child. Sometimes we have to arrange for children and young people to live away from home. This may be for short breaks or for longer periods of time.
To help us decide what is appropriate we will carry out an assessment. The assessment will include your views and those of your child if they are able to understand.

A child may become looked after as a result of:

  • A voluntary arrangement between the parents and the local authority. This is often known as being 'accommodated'.
  • Coming into police protection.
  • Being subject to a court order, such as an Emergency Protection Order, a Care Order or being remanded in criminal proceedings.

Children can be looked after by:

  • Living with friends or relatives (kinship care), with local authority agreement
  • Living with foster carers
  • Living in a children's home
  • Living in a boarding school (though not all children in boarding school are looked after by us)
  • Living at home while on care orders made by the courts.