You said...we did (Local Offer)

We publish the comments you make about the Local Offer and tell you what we have done in response.

Under 'Downloads' you can find out how we have worked with you, read feedback about the Local Offer website, see what people say about the services in Buckinghamshire for people aged 0 to 25 with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) and what we and those we work with have done as a result of what you said. We also highlight some examples each month which you can see below.

We are always happy to hear your comments or ideas for improvement, so tell us what you think on our Local Offer Feedback form.


You said: via email feedback

I just wanted to give some positive feedback on your SEND Coronavirus page: It’s a really useful and comprehensive resource which has been promoted with special schools. Could you add the following link to this: There’s a couple of Coronavirus episodes that are good listening.

Keerin Hossain, Enterprise Coordinator, Bucks Skills Hub

We did:

Added the link to the page. 


You said: At the SEND Youth Forum in December 2019:

  1. On this page Transitions - Adult Social Care (SEND) that the purple icons down the side are a bit meaningless as they don’t always match up to the section they are next to – photos would be much more eye-catching and useful.
  2. If there was a tool built into the site allowing users to easily alter things like the background colour, this would make it more accessible, for example, some users find a yellow hue easier to read from than white.
  3. Connexions is no longer running.
  4. Content.

We did:

  1. These have been removed. We can’t add photos but we will share your idea when we start to plan our new website.
  2. You can do this already, either by using settings on the accessibility page or by clicking the BrowseAloud software (SPEAK icon).
  3. All references to Connexions have been removed.
  4. We are working with teams to ask them to update their content to make sure the information is up to date. We are also starting to work on a new website so all your other ideas will be shared with the team. We would also like to involve you in the website research soon.