Terms and Conditions of Use

By registering for an account on this website, you agree to these terms and conditions ("Terms").  Please read the Terms carefully as they set out your rights and obligation.  They also provide information on how you can submit material (“Content”) and how this will be used.

If we discover or have any reason to suspect you have breached the terms we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account immediately and without notice. There is no absolute right to an account or records. Any account or records exists at the discretion of Buckinghamshire Council and may be terminated without notice or giving reasons. In the event of complaints or concerns about a provider, the account may be suspended or terminated and the record archive pending the outcome of an investigation.

Only information that has been reviewed and cleared for release will be published on the Buckinghamshire Family Information Service (BFIS) website.

1. Your password, username, PIN and security

When you register, you will be asked to select a user name and password to access your account (“Account”) and log on to and/or participate in secure areas of the website.  You accept it is your sole responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your password and you are responsible for all activity that occurs under this. You should make sure you are the only person using your password and you agree to notify us of any unauthorised use of your password and any other breach of security as soon as you become aware of it.

2. Your personal data

Personal information you are asked to supply on your registration form ("Your Personal  Data"), will be used as follows: (i) to administer your registration and Account; (ii) in making decisions about whether Content you submit should be accepted, rejected or used.   Your Personal Data will be kept private and confidential, and will not be passed on to third parties without your express consent and will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You have the right to request that your account is closed at any time.

3.  Record editors

By requesting to become a record editor you are agreeing to create or take ownership of the information held within the record for your service or organisation. Where no updates have been made in three months or more you will receive an email prompting you to review your record. If there are no changes to be made please save the record so the date stamp is current.  Where no updates have been made in 12 months the record will be archived without notice to prevent families accessing old information that may not be correct.

If you are a childcare provider registered with Ofsted, your information will be passed to us securely by Ofsted. We will use this information to create a record that will be held securely on our system so the Council can fulfil its statutory duty to provide and monitor childcare provision and to help local families make an informed choice about childcare.  We will also use these details to set up a pre-registered user account. You will be contacted with details of how to verify your user account so that you can take ownership of your record and publish the details of your service on the BFIS website. You will then be able to edit some of the information and control the level of public visibility.  The record will not be published on the website until you have changed the visibility setting and you can hide the published information at any time.

You may request that your user account is deleted at any time. If you choose to delete your user account, you are responsible for making sure any records that belong to you are updated, removed or that you request a new editor takes ownership.

4. Your content

You agree and confirm that:

  1. All Content submitted by you is accurate, true and up to date and, if your Content contains opinions, these are your own and genuinely and truly held by you;

  2. All Content submitted by you may be used on this website in any way required.  Content may be rejected, edited, moderated, removed or deleted at our absolute discretion.

  3. All Content is original to you and you are fully entitled (and have all necessary consents) to submit the Content (you must also have the consent of anyone featured in the Content to provide this to us) and you are happy for this to be used as set out in the Terms;

  4. Nothing in the Content will infringe the copyright or any other right of any person, breach any contract or duty of confidence, be defamatory, obscene, offensive, indecent, harassing, threatening, breach anyone’s privacy or may constitute a contempt of court or be calculated to bring any person into disrepute

5. PinPoint (Disabled Children's Register)

The Council has a statutory duty to keep a Register of Disabled Children. In Buckinghamshire, this is called PinPoint.  It is voluntary for you to create a record on PinPoint.  You are responsible for ensuring that your information is kept up to date.  The data from your form is stored securely in the BFIS system and only relevant staff in Buckinghamshire Council will have access to the information you provide. Buckinghamshire Council may share statistical information where it might help with working together to coordinate services or improve provision across the County.  If you have given your consent, you will be sent a Max Card and we will pass your contact details to Families and Carers Together (FACT) Bucks.  If you have given your consent you may also receive relevant information from us. 

Your record will be archived for 6 months when your child turns 19 years old and will be deleted after that time unless you choose to delete it sooner.  You are able to access, update your information, change your preferences or remove your record on PinPoint at any time by logging into your account.

6. Other

If you become aware of any misuse of the Content or wish to complain about any Content on this website or believe any of your rights have been violated, you can notify us via the website contact details.

You may terminate your Account at any time, for any reason, by making the request to us to terminate your Account. Even after your Account is terminated (for whatever reason) the Terms will remain in full force and effect. Your Content will remain on the website.   We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your Account or access to any part of the website at any time if you breach the Terms or for technical reasons.

Users who have not logged into their account for 24 months or more will have their account deleted without notice. You may register for a new account at any time.


The Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England. Any disputes arising from this website or Terms will be decided only by the English courts.