Person Centred Planning

Person Centred Planning is a process of continual listening and learning; focussed on what is important to someone now, and for the future; and acting upon this with their family and friends.

It means that the person is at the centre of planning their life.  It is not simply a collection of new techniques for planning to replace any other plans. It is about seeing and thinking about people with impairments in the same way we think about ourselves and everyone else.

Person Centred Planning is about:

  • Listening to and learning about what people want from their lives
  • Helping people to think about what they want now and in the future
  • Family, friends, professionals and services all working together with the person to make this happen
  • A commitment to keep learning about the person.

One Page Profiles

Are the foundation for a Person Centred Plan (Essential Lifestyle Plan). They are record of what is important to someone and how best to support them.   

Why should we do one?  

From a one page profile you can use the 'working and not working' person centred thinking tool to create actions that build on what is working and address what is not working. You can then use information about what is not working to help you to decide which person centred tool to use next. This can then lead to an action plan which can make a positive difference to a person‘s life

Where can I find out more? 

By accessing some useful tools available to you.