The Autism Toolbox

This "Toolbox" brings together advice, local support, services, activities and resources relating to autism. The name toolbox has been chosen to reflect that anyone, with or without an autism diagnosis, parents and professionals can make use of this information which covers various topics.  

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Useful links and information during Coronavirus/COVID-19

Guide for making most of the virtual health appointments:

Useful for children who may be waiting for an assessment which may be delayed due to COVID-19

Waiting for an autism diagnosis in the Coronavirus lockdown

Things you can do now while waiting for a diagnosis.

Online webinars by Autistica

Webinars are being created on Autistica by leading professionals to support during this pandemic. They have covered areas including creating a routine, Adapting to tech at home, autistic belonging and connectedness.

Tips for managing mental health during Coronavirus

9 things to try to help keep spirits up.

Social Story about Pandemics and the Coronavirus

They have also provided specific social stories to help explain the current situation.

Find more information and resources on SEND advice and support during COVID-19