Applying to college for young people with SEND

Students work with their school to identify various colleges the summer before. There are open days where students can come and visit with parents.

Also colleges are open throughout the year so the student and family are welcome to discuss any concerns the student has about moving in. Some higher need students will have a timetabled visit to the college supported by the school and college. A full-time offer in colleges is 3 days a week and it is expected students will use the other non-college days to study and do other meaningful activities.

A student will receive a letter from college in July inviting them to come in August to enroll, where they will have another opportunity to talk about the course, have their ID photo taken and undertake a test (BKSB) which charts the learning level that the student is working at to ensure they are being put on the right course level.

The colleges have small classes and those students on mainstream courses will have discreet support in class until the student states they no longer need it.

The colleges provide a high level of pastoral care and support if required.

You can find a list of all colleges in Buckinghamshire.