Young people's activities on the Local Offer (SEND)

In this video, we meet young people who attend activities they have found on the Local Offer and learn what they think of them. Meet Josh who loves swimming at DASH Swimming Club, Ethan at Chiltern Music Therapy, James at Marlow Inclusive Football Club, and more!

Working in partnership with Chiltern Wood Special School in High Wycombe this video was showcased to parents, young people, partners and colleagues from Special Schools, colleagues from the council and local community members and had a good reception.  We also shared the video with groups of young people in school and asked what they thought about it.

Your Feedback

You told us that the video was great to help you know more about the activities in the area, that you enjoyed seeing young people with a range of disabilities doing different activities, and that it showed how you can make friends and get out and about.

You also told us that you might like to see more activities like the arts (singing or pottery), life skills (cooking or sewing), and groups (cadets or Duke of Edinburgh) and we will keep this in mind if we make more videos.

You noticed that there were no girls in the video and suggested we could include more young people with a physical disability.  We will try to do this next time we make a video.  We have to have permission to include people in our videos and unfortunately this time there weren't any girls who wanted to take part. Let us know if you want to get involved!

Young Inspectors 

Check out our Young Inspectors section, SEND Young Inspectors visit local activities and clubs suitable for SEND young people and feedback their findings.

The feedback helps develop the club or activity to ensure that they are meeting the needs of SEND young people, as well as providing young people with an insider’s view of what an activity is really like. Here are some activities and clubs inspected so far and what the young people had to say.

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