The Autism Toolbox: Family Support

This "Toolbox" brings together advice, local support, services, activities and resources relating to autism. The name toolbox has been chosen to reflect that anyone, with or without an autism diagnosis, parents and professionals can make use of this information which covers various topics. This section is about family support.

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Local Groups and Services

Support with Communication

Support for Carers

Finding Services and Treatment

National Charities

Local Groups and Services (Buckinghamshire)

SEND IAS Service

All local authorities, by law, have to provide children and young people with Special Educational Needs or disabilities, and their parents, with information and advice. The SENDIAS Service does this by offering accurate, up to date and impartial resources and information about the law on special educational needs and disability. 

CAMHS | Post Diagnostic Workshops and Cygnets

Buckinghamshire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service run support groups for parents such as Cygnets for parents of children under 11, and the other ASD post-diagnostic workshop is for parents of children over 11. 

FACT Bucks

Families and Carers Together in Buckinghamshire is a group of parents and professionals who meet to discuss real issues that affect children and young people with additional needs and disabilities in Buckinghamshire.

Aylesbury Vale NAS branch  |  NAS South Bucks branch  |  Milton Keynes NAS branch 

The local branches of The National Autistic Society, they are free to join and they produce newsletters and updates with details of branch activities, information on events of interest and other useful details.

The NAS EarlyBird Programme

Works in partnership with parent carers of a pre-school child who has received a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to help them to:

    • Understand their child’s autism spectrum disorder
    • Develop their child’s communication
    • Apply practical strategies to manage their child’s behaviour

GRASPS Aylesbury Vale Based Higher Functioning ASD support group

Hold monthly daytime and evening support meetings in Aylesbury and South Bucks with the primary objectives of sharing and exchanging information; providing essential empathy, support, acceptance and understanding for one another.

Puzzle Centre

A charity that promotes and delivers early intervention for young children with autism and other communication difficulties and supports families and practitioners through outreach and training programmes. The Puzzle Centre offer an Outreach Support service for families with children aged up to the end of Primary School. They also offer Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and SCERTS based assessments and follow-on support.

SPACE Support Chesham

A parent-led group set up to support parents and carers of ADHD and Autistic Spectrum Disorder and behaviourally challenging children or young people.

South Bucks PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome) Support Group

Provides parent carers, who either have a diagnosis or believe their child may have PDA, with an opportunity to meet, share experiences and positively support each other.

Family Support Worker by The Autism Teaching Company (AuTC)

The AuTC team also includes a family support worker who can support the whole family in the home environment, to help equip your child with the appropriate skills to enable them to achieve their full potential. We also support parents and siblings to help them navigate through the tricky areas of family life.


Support with Communication

Boardmaker (Communication Software) available at Buckinghamshire libraries

Boardmaker is computer software that contains thousands of Picture Communication Symbols. Symbols can be used with anyone who may need additional support with communication and can be used by Children and adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, People with English as an additional language, and Anyone with a disability or impairment that affects communication or memory.


Support for Carers

Carers Bucks

Carers Bucks is an independent charity established in 2004 to support the well-being of unpaid, family carers in Buckinghamshire. They support carers of all ages and in different caring roles, including young carers, parents of children with a physical or learning disability, older carers, carers from the black and minority ethnic community and those looking after someone with a mental health condition, including depression.

Young Carers Bucks

Young Carers Bucks offer regular clubs for young carers in Aylesbury and High Wycombe for three age groups; 6 to 9-year-olds, 10 to 12-year-olds, and 13 years plus. 


Finding Services and Treatment

NHS Service Finder - GPs, Services, Departments and Hospitals

Allows you to find local services and their details and read and leave reviews.


National Charities 

National Autistic Society

The leading UK charity for autistic people (including those with Asperger syndrome) and their families. We provide information, support and pioneering services, and campaign for a better world for autistic people.

Ambitious About Autism

Provide services, raise awareness and understanding, and campaign for change. Their vision is to make the ordinary possible for children and young people with autism and our mission is to help them to learn, thrive and achieve. Through TreeHouse School and Ambitious College, they offer specialist education and support.

PDA Society

A registered charity run by a small board of trustees who are all parents of children with PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance). They provide information, support and training for parents, carers, teachers and individuals with PDA. Their website features lots of resources such as guides, videos and blogs.