Safe+Well™ (Living Aids for Children)

Daily living aids are products that can help you care for your child more easily, safely and comfortably whether they have a mild or more complex disability. The Safe+Well™ service can help you choose the best daily living aids for your child's needs - suggesting places you could go and try them to save you time and money. The service also offers a variety of assessment options to help you decide which daily living aids may work best for your family.

Daily living aids are designed to maintain, increase or improve the independence of disabled children and allow them to continue to carry out everyday tasks. Daily living aids can include Telecare and Telehealth. These aids can also make the lives of those caring for disabled children easier by providing assistance with everyday tasks such as eating and drinking.

Daily living aids have also been used to support young people with learning disabilities in Buckinghamshire to increase and build upon skills such as cooking, organisation and travel- all of which are vital for young people to be able to live well independently. The type of daily living aids used includes:

  • GPS emergency location devices which are watch or phone based and can give family, carers and young people the confidence and re-assurance that they will be safe when travelling.
  • Sink or bath plugs which can help prevent flooding.
  • Door or window sensors that connect wirelessly to a pager system.
  • Epilepsy sensors that connect wirelessly to a pager system to alert carers to epileptic seizures.
  • Tap turners
  • Kettle tippers

For more information about how Safe+Well™can help you, to find out about a particular daily living aid or to purchase some of this equipment please click on the link below/or on our logo on this page. This will re-direct you to the Safe+Well™ website. (new window)