Working in Early Years and Childcare

Working in the Early Years and Childcare is high on the Government's plan to meet the needs of families across Buckinghamshire. Here you will find essential information on working in the childcare sector.

Registration Course

To work as a self-employed registered childminder or an Accredited Nanny you will need to complete a registration course known as the "Introduction to Childminding Course". The course is designed to do give you the skills and knowledge required to carry out childcare within the "Early Years Statutory Requirements”.

The course is only valid for a period of 6 months and not 12 months as before. Candidates must register with Ofsted within this timescale, otherwise, they will have to retake the course and pay the fee of £250. The cost for the registration face to face course through Buckinghamshire Council costs £100.

How to apply

To apply for the course you will first need to attend an Ofsted briefing session, which will inform you what the course entails and what you will experience within your first year as a fully qualified Childminder/ Nanny.  If after the Briefing session you feel that the course is for you, an application form will be available to fill out.  

Course Validity

Further details on the upcoming childminder course dates and briefing sessions and how to book on the course can be found on the Early Years and Childcare Website Early Years and Childcare website or call 01296 387 111 or email