Buckinghamshire Children and Young People's Partnership

Specific Parent Support Groups

Autism/Aspergers - there are three National Autistic Society branches in Buckinghamshire which are formed by local volunteers for mutual support - Aylesbury Vale, Milton Keynes & South Bucks.   GRASPS - Greater Support for Aspergers Supporting Parents and Siblings - Aylesbury Vale based parent support group for higher functioning ASD

Space Support Chesham - This parent-led group meets monthly and offers support to parents of ADHD/Autism/behaviorally challenging children/young people through encouragement and education.

Child Brain Injury Trust - supports children and young people with acquired brain injury (an injury or accident that has happened to the brain after birth), their families and professionals involved with them. 

Down’s syndrome -families with a child with Down’s syndrome are invited to join the North & South Bucks parent support groups.

Sensory Impairments

BucksVision is a registered charity which provides support and services to anyone with serious sight loss throughout Buckinghamshire.

Young Deaf Activities Provides activities for children and young people and give support to families by offering sign language tuition, monthly coffee morning and playgroup for under fives and their parents/carers.

Oxfordshire Deaf Society (open to Bucks families).  One of the most important roles of Oxford DCS is to provide opportunities for families to meet and help each other . 

Speech & Language - AFASIC England – is a parent-led organisation to help children and young people with speech and language impairments and their families.  Although there is currently no AFASIC parent support group running in Buckinghamshire – there is a local contact who can offer advice and signposting.

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